Can I cancel or change my order?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to ever cancel or change your order once it is placed. The
reason for this is because our system automatically processes orders to streamline the delivery
processing and complete each order as quickly as possible. Since your order is immediately
processed into our system, we are unable to make any changes so please make sure that
your order information is correct!

Can I pay without using PayPal or with a Credit Card?

We only accept payments through the PayPal payment system, debit and credit.

I am scared about placing an order

If you are hesitant to order because of a bad experience with another company or you are just
unsure of whether our services are a good fit for you, then we typically advise to place a “test”
order for the smallest package available on our website. We would much rather have a satisfied
customer than to just “make a sale” that would create resentment from an unhappy customer.
This is why we would suggest to start small if you are worried about ordering. Once the order is
completed, and you are happy with our service, then you can place larger orders. The vast
majority of customers that make a “test” order become repeat customers!

Is there any limit to the amount of followers that I can

There is no limit on any of our services. You can order as many times as you like and as often
as you like!

Can I change my profile username after ordering?

We strongly urge you NOT to change your profile username for two reasons. First, we are only
able to replace followers to the username on your order. Secondly, our followers will not
recognize your account under a different username and some of them might unfollow you
because of that.

How long does it take to receive my order?

The average timeframe for completion is shown for each package, as well as on the order
checkout page. After ordering you will also be emailed the order receipt that will have details
that include the processing time.